As the business landscape changes, MSPs must look to automate

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In a new piece for MSP Insights, our very own Joe Alapat highlighted the changing technology landscape facing businesses — and the burgeoning threats accompanying these changes. 

While the changes may seem fast and furious, MSPs should become accustomed. Change is the new norm. 

As Joe noted in the piece, “The rapid evolution will not cease in the next 12 to 18 months. In fact, the landscape will continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, and MSPs must grow and evolve alongside the industry changes.” 

Coupled with those changes are the growing cyber threats. 

The industry has already experienced an increasing focus on ransomware attacks on MSPs. But MSPs do not need to stand pat and wait for threats to find them; instead, they can harness the power of automation and take an offensive posture. 

Automation is the best antidote to the increasingly harrowing landscape greeting businesses daily. 

Next-level automation and workflows detect changes, provide recommendations to identify the root cause faster and create a time series record that serves as a safety net. MSP teams must be more data-centric — scripting automation, orchestration, configuring and tuning tools to achieve more with fewer team members.  

In addition to automation, Joe shared four trends MSPs should expect to continue over the next 12 to 18 months: 

  • Cybersecurity will continue to be top of mind in managing security threats. 
  • Remote work and the work-from-anywhere option are here to stay. 
  • Co-management will increase as end customers choose external partners rather than hiring more IT staff. 
  • The increased adoption of cloud and SaaS solutions will continue. 

Security exposure is everywhere, and the ever-changing landscape presents mounting complexity for MSPs. MSPs need to have eyes and ears everywhere and on every device; they can’t do it with humans alone. 

As Joe wrote, “The increased adoption of new solutions to tackle long-standing issues has never been more important. The choice MSPs have is to prepare for these changes and evolve as the marketplace does, or risk falling behind.” 

MSPs need to position themselves to face the world of today, not the world they want to see. Success requires that they acknowledge the risks, prepare a plan of attack and fight the good fight every day. 

Click here to read Joe’s piece on MSP Insights. 

Are you ready to face today’s challenges? Drop us a line to connect. We thrive on empowering teams to maximize their potential and keep businesses safe. 


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