Continuing Education for MSPs Starts at Liongard Academy

Continuing education for MSPs starts with Liongard Academy

The IT services industry is innovative and ever-changing, and in order for MSPs to stay ahead of the game and their competition, they need to be continually listening, learning, and applying best practices. Continuing education for MSPs gives you the opportunity to stay current on the latest industry developments and product innovations that can help streamline operations and grow yourr business. Think about it this way: spending an hour learning something now is going to save you twenty hours down the road when you’re trying to catch up to what everyone else is already doing.

At Liongard, we know how important it is for our partners to stay informed about new product features as well as industry standards and best practices. That’s why we’re excited to talk about Liongard Academy—our free learning resource center for MSPs. For more information about this new learning resource, we sat down with Liongard’s Emily Natoli, Director of Corporate and Partner Education, and Francisco Castro, Instructional Designer, to talk about Liongard Academy and our new Liongard Certified Professional Certification.

What is Liongard Academy?

Emily: Liongard Academy is a completely free resource center for MSPs to better learn how to standardize, secure, scale and better manage their IT services. Right now, the content really focuses on Liongard as a product, but we hope to continue to add more content that helps MSPs be more efficient and get to 10x. For example, right now Francisco is working on a course around general reporting best practices for MSPs.

Liongard Academy is an easy way for MSPs to get all the value from Liongard in one place and it gives them a resource they can continually come back to for a quick refresher or to learn about new features. Our product is powerful, and Liongard Academy gives you a chance to really understand our capabilities and how to best use our platform with your current tech stack.

Francisco: Right. We want to provide a resource where MSPs can send their teams to get training that helps them do their jobs better, which ultimately leads to time saved and more revenue generating opportunities.

Why did Liongard decide to create Liongard Academy?

Francisco: ‘Teach’ and ‘Listen and Learn’ are two core values at Liongard—they’re central to everything everybody does here. So, living out these core values was really the impetus for creating the Academy. Also, in this industry, certifications are important, so we wanted to give our partners a way to show that they are proficient in Liongard. When our partners complete the certification learning path, they receive a certificate and a LinkedIn profile badge that identifies them as a Liongard Certified Professional.

Sample Liongard Academy Certificate of Completion

Emily: We know how busy MSPs are right now. To better serve them, we know we have to provide a way they can learn on their own time that helps them get the most out of Liongard. We want people to feel like they can get the resources they need, when they need them. That’s why all of the Liongard Academy courses are currently self-guided, with support from live webinars every Wednesday.

What is the Liongard Certified Professional Certification?

Emily: Completing the Liongard Certified Professional (LCP) certification coursework will show you how to leverage Liongard’s automation and unified visibility to standardize your processes, secure your customers’ systems, and scale your MSP.

Francisco: There are five courses and one final assessment. Each course can take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and each course is interactive and allows you to practice on the platform as you learn. There are knowledge checks throughout the course and we walk you through real-world examples of our software at work. After you take all five courses, there’s a final 50-question assessment that reviews material from all five courses. It takes people an average of just three days to complete the coursework and exam and earn their certification.

What’s coming up for Liongard Academy?

Emily: More courses! On the docket, we have a “How to Write a Metrics” learning path, as well as plans for more user-specific coursework. We’re also changing up our webinar content starting in July. This new content is meant to help MSPs get the most value from Liongard, focusing on a lot of use cases. For example, in our first session, we’re going to be highlighting some value-add Inspectors our partners may not be as familiar with, so they can continue to take advantage of Liongard’s unified visibility.

July 2021 Live Webinar Schedule:

Wednesday, July 7th, 2:30 PM CT
You’re Always in the Know with Liongard’s Automated Documentation
Topic: Value-Add Inspectors
This week we will discuss Liongard’s Identity Monitoring, Network IP Address, and Network Discovery Inspectors and the benefits of deploying each Inspector.
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Tuesday, July 13th, 12:00 PM CT
Monthly Feature Update Webinar
Join us to learn about Liongard’s most recent Feature and Platform updates.
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2:30 PM CT
Liongard Learning Q&A
Topic: July’s Release and general knowledge questions and answers
Join us for a panel discussion with our Partner Success Engineer and Account Management teams.
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2:30 PM CT
Standardize your Customer Support through Actionable Alerts
Topic: Liongard’s Actionable Alerts Fill the Gap
This week we’ll talk about how you can leverage Liongard to send you alerts on issues you previously had no way to proactively monitor!
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Wednesday, July 28th, 2:30 PM CT
Get to Insight Faster with Liongard’s Metrics and Reports
Topic: Quarterly Business Reviews Using Liongard
This week we’ll discuss how you can use data from Liongard to quickly generate a Quarterly Business Review.
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In the coming months, we will add additional sessions of continuing education for MSPs at alternate times for international partners, and as always, we’d love your feedback. Have an idea for a session? Drop it in our survey!


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