Endpoint Visibility Enables MSP Growth and Profitability

“Work from Anywhere” and an increasingly complex tech stack have made endpoint management incredibly time- and resource-intensive. Between end user support, security and change management, teams are spending more time than ever managing endpoint issues. We can all see the truth: as things currently stand, endpoint management in a Work From Anywhere world isn’t sustainable.

MSPs need a solution that surfaces important information automatically, so they can spend less time digging for data trying to identify the cause of an issue, and more time focusing on customers and solving issues. Liongard’s new Endpoint Visibility Inspectors give you 18 months of historical data that allows you to zero in on common root causes of issues so you can quickly find and view the data you need, without having to spend time on a discovery with your customers.


The amount of variance across individual machines has increased drastically since the shift to work from anywhere. All of this added complexity means more time on the phone struggling with (often frustrated) end users and in discovery with critical issues, and less time helping your business grow. What could your team accomplish if they could spend less time supporting endpoints?

Scalability Starts with Standardization

Full visibility means you can spend more time understanding customer needs and less time gathering system information. Liongard automates and standardizes documentation, alerts and reporting to minimize human error and streamline your workflow for greater efficiency.

Set Your Team Up for Success

Endpoint Visibility combines with automated, Actionable Alerts to eliminate manual work for your team, saving time and allowing them to focus on resolving critical issues and growing customer relationships. With over 300 IT alerts for managing customer systems, your team will feel confident they’re on top of every detail, every time.


Let’s face it: the process to quote projects for new customers—not to mention accurately billing current customers—can be tedious and cut into your bottom line. If you’re relying on information your customers provide to quote your jobs, you’re missing out on revenue opportunities. Endpoint Visibility provides a fast and full view into customer systems, saving time for your team during sales assessments, increasing billing accuracy and powering QBRs with 18 months of historical data that helps upsell current accounts.

Increase Profit Margins from Pre-Assessment Through Post-Sale

Continual customer assessments are a vital part of any MSP’s growth plan. They help you decide which customers you should upsell, which to go after or pass on, and they help you put a reasonable price tag on your services. Endpoint Visibility gives you near-instant access to your potential customer’s systems and accurate user and license data, all in one place, to help drive revenue from pre-assessments through post-sale.

Cost Savings through Consolidation

Unified visibility across your entire tech stack helps you standardize internal processes and reduce the number of applications needed to run your MSP. Liongard automates and standardizes documentation, alerts and reporting to minimize human error and streamline your workflow for greater profitability.

Save Your (and Your Team’s) SANITY

Managing endpoints can be a major headache for your team. With so many people working from home, it’s more difficult than ever to control what software your end users are downloading onto their workstations (and an even bigger pain keeping everything up-to-date). And with increased variance in software and networks, antivirus has become more important. Do you have the ability to easily monitor and audit the status of antivirus across your customers’ workstations (especially Windows Defender)? Endpoint Visibility allows you to drill down to quickly view change history, security settings, patch status and more.

Secure Your Customers, and Your MSP

The biggest challenge in managed services today is how large the digital footprint has become for each organization. Endpoint Visibility lets you see which systems are up-to-date and meet security standards across environments (including patch alerts), AV status as well as local firewall status and updates. You can even create customer-specific software lists to alert you when unapproved software is installed on workstations.

Easy change management across systems

The average business today can run hundreds of different applications, and trying to identify the ‘who’ or ‘when’ can have you wishing for a time machine. But you don’t need a DeLorean to go back in time—all you need is Endpoint Visibility. We show you 18 months of historical data for every endpoint, all in one place, letting you travel back in time to see precisely when, where and what changes were made.

Get Started with Endpoint Visibility

Liongard’s robust Endpoint Visibility Inspectors provide automated documentation and full visibility into your customers’ endpoints along with the rest of their tech stack, all in one place. Data-driven insights allow your team to improve security and compliance, reduce time to resolution, and perform comprehensive assessments of your customers’ systems for easy reporting. Get started with Endpoint Visibility today—schedule your demo.


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