Liongard Integrates with Power BI for Unified Visibility

Liongard Integrates with PowerBI for Unified Visibility

Business Intelligence has always been an important component of any successful organization, helping companies transform data into insights. With today’s businesses moving the majority of their operations to the cloud and embracing a more distributed workforce, access to data is more critical than ever. Companies with managed services rely on their MSPs to help them make data-driven decisions about technology upgrades, security, personnel and more, and MSPs rely on business intelligence software to help visualize historical data, perform analysis and create customer reports to help guide decision-making.

Using business intelligence data to inform company decisions can have powerful results—64 percent of companies report that business intelligence helps improve efficiency and productivity, and 56 percent say it allows them to make faster, more effective decisions. But with the plethora or business intelligence software options on the market, which is right for your MSP? In a crowded field, Microsoft Power BI has emerged as a front-runner for its ease of use and low barrier to entry.

Why Power BI

Released in 2014, Microsoft Power BI has quickly amassed millions of daily users and is currently positioned as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. As part of the Office 365 suite, Power BI is readily available to MSPs that already have a Microsoft license, reducing additional software expenses and licenses to track. Power BI offers a full range of tools to help MSPs organize, visualize and present customer data, and seamless integrations with both Microsoft and third-party applications, Power BI is as versatile as it is powerful.

Make Your Power BI Dashboards Roar

As an organization dedicated to helping our MSPs make data-driven decisions, Liongard is excited to release our Power BI Data Connector, which integrates the Liongard API with Power BI and allows you to easily create Power BI reports and dashboards that consolidate all of your customer data in one place for easy visualization and analysis. In addition to saving time for our partners, this integration provides a holistic view of customer data, making it easier to create customer reports like QBRs.

“At Liongard, we believe data should rule everything around managed services,” said Joe Alapat, CEO and Founder of Liongard. “This integration provides unified visibility, which helps our partners go from data to insights faster.”

Benefits of Power BI for MSPs

  • Unified Visibility: See all of your customer systems and data in one place, saving time.
  • Easy Reporting: Build comprehensive customer reports and QBRs from your dashboard and quickly export and share.
  • Task Automation: Automate workflows and track tickets, service request and more, reducing the time you spend on manual tasks.
  • Strategic Suggestions: Create custom roadmaps and strategic project plans based on historical customer data aligned to customer goals.

To learn more about this powerful integration, and to bring unified visibility to your MSP, schedule time with our team, or read up on the technical details here.


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