Liongard’s 2020 Year in Review: Driving the Innovation MSPs Asked For

See How Our 2020 Innovations Impact Your MSP


Liongard in 2020 is a vastly different platform than it was in 2019. With more users, more funding, and more team members, we’ve been able to innovate and improve our automation platform rapidly to provide greater visibility into more systems and keep up with the evolving needs in the MSP landscape.

As we look toward our 2021 roadmap with great anticipation, we can’t help but look back at the volume of innovation produced in the past 12 months. Not only did we launch many new Inspectors and platform updates, but also spent a significant amount of time and energy:

  • Improving the platform’s UI/UX, making it easier for MSPs to start automating IT tasks and standardize processes.
  • Expanding on our holistic approach to insightful data to pull more configuration data, empower proactive issue monitoring, and add exportability of data for in-depth analysis.
  • Strengthening our security posture by obtaining SOC2 Type 2 and other certifications to provide our customers with greater peace of mind and trust through transparency.

With so many developments in 2020, here is just a sampling of how Liongard has evolved to get MSPs to 10X through automation:

  1. Innovation based on customer feedback.

What’s next for Liongard? The answer to that question is always, “What do MSPs need?” We plan our future based directly on what others in the managed services industry have told us would make their lives easier.

We invite all MSPs to provide feedback through our Ideas Portal. While there, you can get a good sense of where Liongard is headed, from popular and trending ideas to what’s under review or in progress and what other MSPs are saying they need the most. Check out the 75+ ideas submitted by MSPs that have already been implemented >

In 2020, we added 12 new Inspectors based on partner feedback and requests. That’s 12 more systems MSPs don’t have to manually monitor, customer by customer, bringing our current Inspector total to 48.

We’ve also been busy adding features and updating the platform to make it more dynamic, more robust, more intuitive and more useful to everyone working at an MSP, from account managers and sales reps to engineers and billing staff.

  1. Answers at your fingertips with Custom Actionable Alerts and Notes 

Two of our biggest additions to the platform in 2020 were custom Actionable Alerts and Notes, both of which make locating the information you need much easier.

Custom Actionable Alerts let you customize Liongard’s default alerts or create your own to fit your MSP’s unique standards. These alerts then notify you automatically, via Liongard, your PSA or email, when you exceed specified thresholds or changes are detected. Now, instead of your team manually monitoring data points, it’s on autopilot for all the systems Liongard inspects—mitigating human error and freeing up time for your team to operate at 10X.

Notes let you supplement our automation with your team’s human intelligence for a more complete view of your data. With this addition, you can add snippets of information to customer environments, systems and timelines to share additional knowledge and context with your team.

  1. Improving QBRs with Exporting Capabilities and Quick Views

One of our goals is to help our partners leverage configuration data beyond the scope of system management and troubleshooting. The wealth of information available in Liongard can be used to positively highlight your value and upsell additional services during quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with your customers.

In 2020, we introduced several exporting capabilities that let you create quick internal reports, making information gathering and data analysis easier. By exporting all data for an Environment, System or Inspector into a CSV/Excel file, your data becomes portable and sharable, so you can start managing systems at scale.

We also launched Quick Views, giving you the ability to create and save filtered data tables—sharable across systems—to refer to in the future. Fewer clicks and faster access to the information you need makes it that much easier to scale your MSP.

  1. Faster inspector rollout with Dynamic Inspector Configuration

In 2020, we reduced the need to manually update Inspector configurations by introducing Dynamic Inspector Configuration. Some of Liongard’s Inspectors can now pass data from a Metric sourced from one Inspector into the configuration of a second Inspector. Currently, information from the Microsoft 365 and G Suite Inspectors can now be used to complete the Identity Monitoring Inspector. Expect more Inspectors to have this added capability in 2021 to help you save time and automate Inspector rollouts.

If you haven’t seen for yourself what Liongard’s automation can do to help your MSP standardize, secure and scale in 2021 and beyond, schedule a demo today.


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