Monitoring for Identity Breaches: How Liongard Empowers MSPs to Safeguard Their Customers

Monitoring for Identity Breaches: How Liongard Empowers MSPs to Safeguard Their Customers

In today’s technology-first world, the growth of users, accounts, and digital presence has soared, amplifying the risk of data breaches as the digital landscape evolves. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) bear the brunt of these cyber threats, given their responsibility to safeguard the sensitive data and system security for millions of businesses. It’s paramount for MSPs to understand the implication of identity breach exposure in order to implement effective monitoring strategies to prevent unauthorized access and maintain customer trust. The failure to do so may result in dire consequences, from substantial financial loss to severe reputational damage for all parties involved. 

But here’s the good news: Liongard, the leader in configuration change detection and response, understands this challenge, and has from the start, included the capability for MSPs to monitor their customers for identity breaches. 

Proactive Breach Monitoring: Why it Matters to MSPs and End Users 

The risk of not monitoring for identity breach exposure could lead to unauthorized access, data theft, account takeover, and even business shutdown. Liongard enables MSPs to swiftly respond to such threats by alerting them when user accounts are discovered as part of a breach. Not just that, Liongard will also automatically inspect new accounts as they’re added to Microsoft 365. 

For end users, the ability to detect and respond to a potential breach promptly could mean the difference between business continuity and substantial financial loss. The monitoring capabilities of Liongard enable end users to protect their business and possibly personal accounts, thus preventing future breaches. 

What Liongard Brings to the Table 

Liongard understands the dynamics of identity monitoring and its crucial role in preventing cyber threats. Here’s what Liongard enables: 

  • Rapid Reporting: Liongard allows MSPs to create quick reports identifying users at risk of a breach, offering immediate insights to address potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Automated Account Monitoring: With Liongard, any discovered email addresses added to Microsoft 365 are automatically included in the monitoring process, ensuring no account slips through the cracks. 
  • Education and Awareness: Liongard recognizes the importance of user education in preventing breaches. It aids in teaching end customers about the value of using unique accounts and passwords, enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture. 

Metrics that Matter 

Liongard offers a key metric for identity monitoring – a list of users with password-related breaches. This crucial data provides a clear snapshot of the accounts at risk, empowering MSPs to take immediate corrective measures. In addition, an email list for all identified users allows for swift communication and immediate response. 

Empowering MSPs with Best Practices 

Liongard goes beyond just providing a tool; it aids in implementing best practices for monitoring customer accounts for breach exposure. With strategies rooted in cybersecurity frameworks like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Liongard promotes using robust security tools, implementing a solid incident response plan, regular audits, and fostering a culture of security awareness. 

Ultimately, Liongard provides an invaluable solution to MSPs, enabling them to stay ahead of potential breaches and protect their clients effectively. In the fight against cyber threats, Liongard is a powerful ally, turning the tide in favor of secure, breach-resistant operations. 

Cognizant Data Breach (2020) 

In 2020, Cognizant, a large MSP and IT services company, suffered a ransomware attack that disrupted its services and led to substantial financial losses. The company reported that the attack could potentially cost them between $50 to $70 million. While the specifics of the breach were not disclosed, it’s clear that a lack of adequate breach detection and prevention allowed the ransomware to infiltrate their systems and cause significant damage.

These real-world examples emphasize the need for robust and proactive breach monitoring and the potential dangers that lack of such measures can expose MSPs to. MSPs must therefore prioritize investing in effective security tools, such as Liongard, that provide ongoing, automated monitoring and prompt alert systems to safeguard against data breaches. Find out how Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection & Response Platform can help keep your MSP ahead of the curve. Click here for more information.

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