Product Release: Spring into your 10x!

May Product Release

May is as bright as ever with Liongard Academy, Kaseya BMS Integration, an exciting update to our IT Glue Integration, 6 new Inspectors and more!

See details on the full release here.

New Liongard Certification

Liongard Academy

It’s always exciting to get a new tool up and running but how do you know you’re getting the most out of it? Partners asked us to develop a certification program to help users learn the ins and outs of Liongard. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Liongard Academy, the best way to become a Liongard expert quickly!

Liongard Academy combines the power of our continuing education webinars with new learning tools to help you customize your instance and get the most out of it. Get certified and challenge your peers to get certified too!

Want to get Liongard Certified? Start learning today.

Integration Updates

IT Glue Flexible Assets

As we work to make all our Integrations fit your unique needs, we’ve made another exciting update to our IT Glue Integration. You can now land Liongard data in IT Glue Flexible Assets as individual fields (in addition to tables)! This allows you to use IT Glue’s built-in search and filtering tools to parse through data and get answers quickly.

IT Glue Flexible Assets in Tables

Currently, your Liongard Flexible Assets land as tables in IT Glue.


IT Glue Flexible Assets in Fields

You can now choose to have some Liongard Flexible Assets map to individual fields in IT Glue.


IT Glue Flexible Assets in List View

Tables can now appear as a list.


You can currently customize your view for our most popular Inspectors and Tables including Microsoft 365, Domain, Cisco Meraki and more.

Are you an IT Glue user? Learn how to set it up here.

Kaseya BMS Integration

Kaseya Business Management Solution (BMS) is a Professional Service Automation (PSA) software that helps you run your business more efficiently, at a fraction of the current cost.

In March, we launched the first phase of this Integration- import and mapping functionality. This month, we’re excited to roll out ticketing! As issues are discovered by Liongard’s Actionable Alerts, a ticket will be automatically opened in your PSA. When those issues are resolved, the ticket will automatically close.

Manage all your alerts in one place and streamline how your techs get notified of changes and potential risks.

Are you a Kaseya BMS user? Learn how to set it up here.

Inspector Updates

Microsoft OneDrive Inspector

Microsoft OneDrive Inspector joins our stack of Inspectors to bring you unified visibility into the Microsoft suite. With data on Users, Groups, Drives and Permissions, Liongard makes it easy to monitor and manage your customers’ Microsoft OneDrive tenants.

Keep track of a Drive’s “Last Modified Date Time” or dig into Permissions by reviewing “Roles” and “Size.” Track changes to these Metrics and more over time to tailor and implement security best practices for your unique customers.

Learn more here.

3CX Inspector

As our first business communication software Inspector with 50+ votes in our Idea Portal, we’re thrilled to bring 3CX Inspector to Production!

This Inspector uncovers data such as “Number of Extensions,” “Max SIM Calls Per License,” “DB Usage” and more. Beyond easy access to your customer’s phone system data, you can take advantage of Liongard’s Reports Feature to create centralized reports. Create templates on 3CX Billing and Licensing one time to review month over month, saving time and increasing visibility.

Learn more here.

KnowBe4 Inspector

Security is top of mind and requires a few different tools to manage effectively. But how are you managing all your security tools? With 90+ votes in our Ideas Portal, we’re excited to welcome KnowBe4 to our growing Inspectors list, getting closer to seamless security management.

Get access to data such as “Campaign Stauses,” “Users Prone Percentage,” and “Organizational Risk Score.” Build reports on “High-Risk Users,” and tailor a plan to enhance your customers’ security.

Learn more here.

Datto Networking Inspector

Our Datto Networking Inspector is now in Production. This Inspector joins our Datto RMM Inspector, Datto BCDR Inspector and Autotask Integration, bringing you closer to complete visibility into your Datto suite.

This Inspector brings back data such as switch firmware versions, access point load and blocked clients. You can also create alerts on “Access Point Down” and “Access Point Free Memory” to stay ahead of possible issues and decrease time to resolution.

Learn more here.

Google Drive Inspector

Google Drive joins our Google Workspace Inspector in bringing you closer to unified visibility with your Google stack. This Inspector brings back rich data on “Users,” “Groups,” “Folders” and more.

Use one of our out-of-the-box Actionable Alerts such as “Change to Folders Accessible To Internet” or build a report on “Users List,” “Usage Limit (Bytes),” and Shared Drive “Admin Privileges” to better manager Google Drive security.

Learn more here.

Cloudflare Inspector

Our Cloudflare Inspector surfaces Domain Name System (DNS) “Zones” and brings back additional data on “Accounts.” Ensure your Cloudflare systems are working to keep your customers’ Internet secure, private, fast and reliable.

Create an alert to see if “Two Factor Authentication” is turned off or new users get added to “Recent Logs.” Build reports to review “Paging Quota” and “Phishing Detected” on your DNS zones.

Learn more here.

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