Recent Breaches Have You Reevaluating Your Security Stack?

Reevaluate your security stack with Liongard

Prevent Your Worst Nightmare With Liongard 

Security breaches have been dominating the headlines recently. This increased attention has businesses demanding more from their security providers, causing even sophisticated MSPs and MSSPs to reevaluate their security stack and processes. 

While most MSPs and MSSPs already follow best practice resources like the NIST Cyber Security Framework and CIS Controls, those are starting points. But without true visibility into your customers’ systems, can you even begin to follow these best practices? That’s where Liongard comes in.  

Unified Visibility That Delivers Peace of Mind  

Because MSPs/MSSPs manage so many environments, it’s easy for things to fallbetween the cracks. This risk is even higher in a co-managed situation or when responsibilities aren’t clearly defined. Mistakes like these create opportunities that bad actors can easily exploit. And when security incidents happen, compete and historically accurate visibility into your managed environments is critical to know what happened, when it happened, and how your security posture may have changed without your knowledge. 

While no tool can eliminate miscommunications, Liongard’s unified visibility ensures that systems aren’t overlooked. Our automation platform inspects your customers’ systems, networks and cloud, capturing and documenting rich configuration details and refreshing that data every day. We audit those systems daily, and alert you when the thresholds you set are exceeded. Liongard also provides a historical timeline showing configuration history and changes made for the past year and has reporting that cuts across customers and systems. 

Uncover the Gaps and Detect the Bad Actors  

But Liongard’s doesn’t just give you data on your customers’ systems. It serves as a single pane of glass giving you unified visibility into all of your customers, and their systems, in one place. And because it monitors permissions and detects changes, it can alert you when:  

  • Additional users are created  
  • User privileges are changed 
  • External forwarding rules are set up 
  • Software versions need to be updated 
  • And more  

This allows you to fix the weak links in your security stack and identify bad actors that breach your systems before they wreak havoc. 

Security is top-of-mind for everyone lately. If you’re not using Liongard to secure your customers’ systems, sign up for a demo and see how Liongard can improve security today. 


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