The Perfect All-in-One Solution for IT Documentation

Liongard doesn’t just automate documentation—it also integrates with hundreds of other MSP tools. No matter what software you’re already using, it’s the perfect network documentation software solution to ensure you have everything you need in one accessible configuration.

Even better, Liongard automated documentation of the vast device and software network that comprises each client’s IT system. Let’s break it down further to understand precisely how network documentation can help your company.

Inventory of Network Infrastructure

Inventory of Network Infrastructure

What MSP or company can spare the staff to manually inventory each device, software package, cable, server, and other equipment? If you serve multiple clients, you have an even more significant time commitment to manage each network system configuration. The more company networks you look after, the more you need documentation solutions. Our network documentation automates the process, leaving your team free for other tasks, such as responding to alerts, providing technical support, and troubleshooting issues as they arise within each network infrastructure.



Gone are the days when just one or two employees could keep track of all the connected devices, servers, data, or IP addresses in the entire IT network. With our automated process network documentation tools, you can generate reports to keep everyone in the loop with easier access to information. Not only that, but our network documentation also mitigates security threats to keep your information safe and flowing efficiently.

Analysis of Software Solutions

Analysis of Software Solutions

Our IT documentation is only as good as the metrics it provides. Use the gathered data to identify any weak spots in your company network infrastructure or improve data flow for even more productivity and accuracy. With better analytic tools, you can demonstrate to your clients how your tools give them the freedom to grow and improve. With reports and network diagrams that make sense, each company has the MSP support it needs to succeed.

Features Of Network Documentation Software

A network documentation system is only as good as the features it offers your company. We developed IT documentation with MSPs in mind.

We understand that to monitor networks, you need user-friendly configuration abilities to track each device’s and server’s data to satisfy the needs of each company you work with.



Your network engineer can accomplish what used to take weeks in a matter of hours by creating diagrams to visualize all your devices in a network, including on-site and external critical devices, servers, and more. Network mapping is a service that understands the devices in a network and their physical connections.

Benefits for You

Network documentation software and tools do just as much for you as they do for your users. Our technology systems reduce the possibility of manual error, giving you superior efficiency where it counts. You also have documentation of each aspect of your services to provide data on request.


Why Liongard?

Innovation is what brought you into the fast-paced world of MSPs, and it is what makes Liongard the right solution for your IT network documentation needs.
We are about more than just software configuration or implementation. Our goal is to help you create a work environment where you do not have to worry about how your entire network runs or where your devices are at any given moment.


Network documentation gives companies a safety net. Documenting your network helps you visualize the connections between hardware, circuits, and servers to accurately picture your IT infrastructure. With the right software, you can document networks and develop a database to track everything from security threats to desk solutions for users.

Access and Accountability at Your Fingertips

Liongard has the key to an improved IT network environment. Contact us to get connected and see for yourself how our documentation software helps networks track devices with virtual diagrams that make sense. Schedule your free demonstration to learn more about how your company can stay connected with fewer user errors and more efficiency through automation.

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